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Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010. New Year for Fashion.

I am always excited about the start of the year because this is when most of the global fashion brands begin their SUPER SALE. I'd like to think I'm chic but I'm also quite a cheap-o so getting fabulous fashion finds during the end of the season works best for me! Problem is, I don't think I can say no to great deals, like a pair of boots that have been slashed off over 50% off its original price! But then again, they are sooo last season (hah. who cares?!?)

Okay, that's me. Given a tight budget for my wardrobe, I would definitely go for a great bargain anytime! It feels good, too, not having to guiltlessly swipe my credit card, plus have some money left for other things like a weekend trip out of town! yipee! :)

More than the end of season fashion steals, I'm actually excited to see the latest trends for 2010. It's been a decade since the start of this millenium, and FASHION as a form of expression, and as a show of individuality just keeps getting better and better. (unfortunately, more and more expensive too. yikes).

2010 photo from JakandJil.com

Being with French brand Promod for about 6 seasons already made me witness how fashion has evolved yet still remains the same in some way over the years. During the recent fashion trends presentation in France, I was given the wonderful privilege of taking a sneak peek at Promod's nouvelle collection.

It's fun to see how the likes of Nina Ricci, Givenchy, Jill Stuart, Stella McCartney, Betsey Johnson have inspired such collections which will be made more affordable for women like me. :)

My current fave is the Arty Graphic collection, which reminds me of Donna Karan's pieces. Walking in the streets of New York come springtime with this chic ensembles and famous big, dark, Jackie-O sunnies will make you feel so effortless yet very sophisticated.

Arty Graphic Collection. At Promod Head Office in France

Steve Madden Stardom Flats
Here's another fashion item to drool over. A recent fave of my shoe-loving friend.  These flats with the studded silver details looks pretty laidback but very glamorous at the same time.  Perfect shoe to top off your 2010 futuristic /glam/ rock star ensemble. These flats can actually go well with almost anything on your wardrobe! ;)

           Photo from Garancedore.fr. Bess Minnetonkas

Studs have a cute way of glamming up items even your cute Minnetonkas especially for those winter cold start of the year parties. :)

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