"We write to taste life twice- in the moment and in retrospection"-- Anais Nin

In A World of Infinite Possibilities

Enjoying my life. Expanding my horizons.

The world is just as big or as small as we make it to be.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Emerging from the deep

I long for the breath of fresh air when the sun's up and everything is alive.

Oxygen can only last for so long when submerged in water.

Hands that have worked tirelessly are still bound to wrinkle.

I was not built with fins, nor was I meant to hold Poseidon's trident.

Time causes you to swim further away. Where there used to be a diver's paradise, there is now an abyss.

This is what it's like to sink deeper. Treading in murky waters. Losing sight of the light. Losing sight of the purpose.

Herein lies nothing but vulnerability. Fear of the unknown and the discomfort of the prevalent nothingness.

Why go any further?

I do not long to get my hands on the dead pirate's chest. I could die trying to get a hold of it, or even worst, die for having it.

Ambition consumes people. Greed eats them alive.

When being underwater ceases to open your eyes to the amazing world beneath, it is finally time to trade the fins for feet.

Breathe easy. Get your feet back on solid ground.
Life on the surface is always better than discovering the scum on the bottom of the ocean.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Because I do... love staying in. :)

One thing I love about holidays is sleeping in and staying in especially when the June rain finally arrives. 

Here's a perfect feel-good stay-in-my-room music.  Pearl and the puppets just perks me up! :)