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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Defining Possibility

I gave a kiss that means goodbye.

No... we both agreed, the kiss meant "see you later" ."Later" is undefined. Undefined by a clock, calendar or calculator. Call it complicated math or just stupid idealism, but though the promise may be zero, the hope can go on to infinity. Hope is full, promises are empty. And in the Ninoy Aquino International airport, just as it was in Charles De Gaulle, he offered possibility, but not certainty.

So the idealist sent off the realist accepting possibility. It was a compromise- a meeting in the middle. He is part friend and part lover, just as he is part European and part Asian. He can never be fully just one or the other. He is both.

Compromise took care of possibility. In between airports, emails, and skype calls, possibility is nurtured. The idealist becomes stronger, more clear, and more open, but the realist is enigmatic.

Ironic as it may sound, the realist remains ambiguous. Ambiguity, he claims, could protect us both.

I agree.

It could protect from pain, but ultimately prevent from feeling.

And so my protected, unfeeling heart remains vulnerable as it stays in the terminal where I test the confines of "later". Where I should wait and when it would end is uncertain, but somehow defining the kiss...defining this... could be possible.  


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